Indo – Petrol Oil

Indo – Petrol Oil offers a variety of Indo – Petrol Oil for retail and wholesale distribution. We also supply professional installment and shipment with the best competitive price.
100 years ago, even humans have no concept of lubricant. All kinds of machinery are lubricated with lard oil and then olive oil. When olive oil is scarcited, people switch to use other herbal oils. For example, to lubricate spindles, they used palm oil. Today, most of the engines  are needed lubricant  to lubricate when operating. The famous lubricant as Caltex, BP, Castrol, Shell or Petrolimex are sold retail and wholesale  at We are committed to bring for the customer  the industry lubricant, civil lubricant, manupulate lubricants products with standard quality and competitive prices along with good caring after sales service ….
Lubrication requirements of modern engines because of the large differences in the types of engines, design, operating conditions and the level of quality. Indo-Petrol launch to the market a full range of engine types, both single-level and multi-level, meet the above requirements.

Industry oil provide a wide range features of lubricants from lube oils for machine tools, standard equipment to all kinds of gourmet products that require a stringent lubrication for all kinds precision equipment.

Indo-Petrol launch to market industry lubrication to reduce friction, minimize wear, ensuring the highest efficient operation of machinery

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