NOK Oil Seal

NOK Oil Seal offers a variety of NOK Oil Seal for retail and wholesale distribution. We also supply professional installment and shipment with the best competitive price.
NOK is Japan’s first oil seal manufacturer. Our functional parts, such as oil seals and o-rings of advanced technology in processed synthetic rubbers, are used not only in the automotive industry, but also in a wide variety of other industries. We have developed into the number-one reliable company in this field while leveraging the technology and know-how acquired since the star-up of operations.NOK has created the products full of dreams. While NOK products vary from miniature to man-sized, they are all cared equally with the closest attention.
Starting from the field of oil seals, NOK has been changing its corporate image to the extend of having cutting-edge technology and development relating to aerospace engineering.

NOK’s products and technology are not outwardly visible. However, NOK is always with you. We are committed to providing the innovative products to perfectly meet our customers’ needs, while contributing to the global community. NOK’s dreams are infinite and ever lasting.

NOK focuses on its competences in special sealing, vibration control and elastomeric technologies. As the American partner within the network of Freudenberg and NOK, the joint venture integrates Japanese, German as well as American technology to serve customers with global products of the same quality. By extending its technology expertise beyond the automotive market, Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership also provides an extensive portfolio to the oil and gas, medical technology and civil aviation industries as well as the fluid power, marine, off-highway equipment, recreational and semiconductor markets.

Product portfolio

·        Sealing packages for engines

·        Transmission

·        Brakes

·        Axles and steering

·        Complete noise

·        Vibration and harshness reduction components and package

·        Brake

·        Steering

·        Fuel and transmission hose assemblies and all rubber

·        Plastic and PTFE components for suspension

·        Electrical and fuel systems



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