671 offers a variety of SHELL Oil for retail and wholesale distribution. We also supply professional installment and shipment with the best competitive price.
100 years ago, even humans have no concept of lubricant. All kinds of machinery are lubricated with lard oil and then olive oil. When olive oil is scarcited, people switch to use other herbal oils. For example, to lubricate spindles, they used palm oil. Today, most of the engines  are needed lubricant  to lubricate when operating. The famous lubricant as Caltex, BP, Castrol, Shell or Petrolimex are sold retail and wholesale  at We are committed to bring for the customer  the industry lubricant, civil lubricant, manupulate lubricants products with standard quality and competitive prices along with good caring after sales service ….

Shell oil is produced by the number one global lubricant supplier, market-leading lubricants to consumers in over 100 countries. Shell Lubricants brings world-class technological insights to its products, offering you the best formulations for your vehicle.


* VAT (10%) is not included in price.

Products   Price (Exc. VAT)
GADUS S2 V220 0_1*18KG            90.000
GADUS S2 V220 1_1*180KG            77.500
GADUS S2 V220 1_1*18KG            88.864
GADUS S2 V220 2_1*180KG            77.864
GADUS S2 V220 2_1*18KG            85.660
GADUS S2 V220 3_1*180KG            80.500
GADUS S2 V220 3_1*18KG            82.563
R4X 20W50_1*18L_A227            59.638
R4X 20W50_1*209L_A227            51.000
REFRIG S2 FR-A 46_1*209L            51.665
REFRIG S2 FR-A 46_1*20L            53.000
REFRIG S2 FR-A 68_1*209L            51.238
REFRIG S2 FR-A 68_1*20L            53.000
REFRIG S4 FR-F 68_1*20L          261.519
REFRIG S4 FR-V 68_1*20L          134.112
Rim R4 L 15W40 CJ4_1*209L_A227            58.988
RimR2 40 CF10TBN_1*209L_A227            44.834
RimR4X15W40CI4E7DH1_1*209L_A227            49.500
Rimula R1 20W-50 (CD/SE)_1*209L_A227            44.355
Rimula R2 Extra 15W-40 (CF-4)_1*209L_A227            47.313
Rimula R2 Extra 20W-50 (CF-4)_1*209L_A227            47.313
Rimula R3 10W (CF)* / D209L            47.133
SPIRAX S2 A 140_1*209L            52.000
SPIRAX S2 A 140_1*20L            52.500
SPIRAX S2 A 80W-90_1*209L            57.000
SPIRAX S2 A 85W-140_1*209L            53.500
SPIRAX S2 A 90_1*209L            50.500
SPIRAX S2 A 90_1*20L            51.500
SPIRAX S2 ATF D2_1*209L            57.646
SPIRAX S2 G 140_1*209L            50.500
SPIRAX S2 G 140_1*20L            52.500
SPIRAX S2 G 90_1*209L            49.500
SPIRAX S2 G 90_1*20L            50.500
TELLUS S2 M 100_1*209L            46.000
TELLUS S2 M 22_1*209L            51.500
TELLUS S2 M 32_1*209L            43.000
TELLUS S2 M 32_1*20L            47.000
TELLUS S2 M 46_1*209L            42.500
TELLUS S2 M 46_1*20L            47.000
TELLUS S2 M 68_1*209L            43.000
TELLUS S2 M 68_1*20L            47.000

Freight Costs are not included in price.

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