TOTAL Oil offers a variety of TOTAL Oil for retail and wholesale distribution. We also supply professional installment and shipment with the best competitive price.

Developed in partnership with major manufacturers and meeting all the most stringent international ACEA and API standards, TOTAL Performance Engine Oils protect engines from wear, transmit power and facilitate gear shifting. Confirming our desire to be the world leader in lubricants with our advanced technology, the TOTAL brand offers innovative products specially designed for fuels savings, protection for the environment and enhancement of your engine’s performance.

Quartz Engine Oils

TOTAL’s Quartz products truly are the newest generation oil with exceptional ecological and economical performances. Many of these products, including the Quartz INEO oils, are low SAPS lubricants that contain a reduced proportion of Sulfated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulfur. They’re formulated with advanced additives, resulting in increased efficiency and an increase in the life of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF).

Fuel Economy Lubricants

TOTAL’s Fuel Economy lubricants are certified and formulated to reduce the internal friction of engine parts and reinforces the engine’s performance resulting in substantial fuel savings.

Classic Engine Oils

TOTAL’s Classic range of products provides excellent protection against wear, enhanced fuel economy and improved engine cleanliness. Our Classic range is officially registered with the API (American Petroleum Institute) ensuring every drop meets the demands the latest “SN” API classification and the energy-conserving ILSAC GF-5. Our packaging features the fuel economy starburst logo ensuring consumers our products meet the latest API standards.

Coolants, Transmissions Oils and Other Fluids

TOTAL also offers a comprehensive line of other lubricants through our Distributor network. From Power Steering Fluid to a Coolant Concentrate, we have the fluids you’re looking for.

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