EPK Bearing

EPK Bearing

Forklift.vn offers a variety of EPK Bearing for retail and wholesale distribution. We also supply professional installment and shipment with the best competitive price.

EPK Group (Headquarters in Russia), is one of the world’s largest bearing manufacturers. It was established in 1932. It has been manufacturing GPZ, VPZ, SPZ brand bearings.

Has ISO 9001/2008, ISO 16949, ISO 14001 and GOST 20-2002 IRIS quality certificates. Produces more than 15,000 kinds of bearing with the outer diameter of 20 mm to 2800 mm

Bearings produced by EPK Group are used by many industries such as the followings;

• Metal Manufacturing Industry,
• Mining Industry,
• Iron and Steel Industry,
• Power Plants,
• Oil and Gas Industry,
• Railway and Subway Industry,
• Cement Industry,
• Aviation and Space Industry,
• Military Manufacturing Industry,
• Shipbuilding Industry,
• Precision Device Engineering,
• Automotive Industry,
• Agricultural Machinery Industry,
• Machine Tool Industry

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