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FLEETGUARD Filter started its operation in 1958 with the first filter line invented by CUMMINS to meet high-quality demand itself. Currently,CUMMINS FILTRATION is the first-ranking brand of Filters and Diesel Filters.

STD&T is CUMMINS FILTRATION’s official agent offering kinds of Filter, Cleaning Fluid, FLEETGUARD Cooling System for engine, Hydropower, Electric Generator, Tractors,…and also be sole distributor of filters, TITAN GOLD (FLEETGUARD’s brand) cleaning system for trucks such as Hino, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Nissan,…

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About 40% of total repair costs were estimated relating to cooling system. Repair will cause impact on engine’s operation and efficiency and be costly. Upon awareness of this drawback, Fleetguard’s cooling system attributes to engine’s longevity and stability.
Not only are Fleetguard’s products optimal cooling fluid but they aslo prevents erosion, pitting and overheating of somes details such as combustor, compression ring, piston crown, etc.


Cummins Filter started its operation in 1958 with Cummins Company’s the world first invention of filter line to meet CUMMINS MOTORS’s high effiency. It is also known as Seymour Filter Company located in Columbus, Ind. Cummins Filtration is now the world’s leading company of filters and heavy-diesel motors across six continents with over 5500 staff.

STD&T is official agent of Cummins Filtration offering Fleetguard Filters for trucks, tructors, agriculture, contruction, mining and industrial equipments, marine engines, small engines (up to 25 HP), electric generator, air compressor,…


Air Filter

Upon revolution of Air filter design, Fleetguard launched innovative technology called OptiAirTM which met manufacture’s severe requirements. Filter’s dimension is adapted to fit engine compartment. OptiAir TM with an unique design offers much higher gas flow and capacity than other normal filters.

Common Filter Code: AF1846, AF25139M, AH1135, AH1100,…
Common Filter Code for tractors: AF1846, AF25139, AF25219,…
Precleaners will extend filter’s longevity with an additional one. Precleaners is to decrease the amount of dust and fragments entering into the exhaust system which results in freshing air and extending air filter’s replacement time.

Fuel Filter
Fleetguard’s Fuel Filter Products give the optimal protection to the engine’s fuel system.

Fuel Filter, Fuel Water Seperating Filter
Common code: FF5311, FF5369W, FF202, FF105D, FF5319

Diesel Pro Filter seperates emulsion &water, gurantees environmental parameters and can be installed and used easily.
Common Code: FH23029, FH23030, FH23031…..
EleMax ™ –Cartridge Filter Technology
Common Code: FS19763G,…

Hydraulic Filter
We offer a variety of Cummins’ Hydraulic filter from medium to high hydraulic system and a comprehensively replaceable hydraulic filter over other competitive filters.

Cummins’ Hydraulic Filters achieve high efficiency and high vacuum capability along with feature of lowering oil pressure decrease. It leads to extend engine’s longevity and save costs.

Common Code of Spin-on and Element: HF6002, HF6163, HF6710, HF6568, HF28925, HF35252, HF6319, HF6420


Lubricant is a crucial element directly influencing on engine’s longevity. In addition to feature of lubrication, lubricant attributes to cool, clean and protect engine’s details. By the time, a great deal of dirt, soot, deposit and other pollutant  will invade lubrication system due to the combustion. Lubrication filter system becomes integral part because of global standard for pollution emissions

Upon the invention of Venturi ™ Combo, Fleetguard guarantees to filter lubricant 4 times than ever and remove pollutants  three times than ever.

Common Code: LF3000, LF9000, LF9001, LF690A,…

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