Lubricant OKS

Lubricant OKS offers a variety of Lubricant OKS for retail and wholesale distribution. We also supply professional installment and shipment with the best competitive price.

Grease lubricate ball-bearing, plain bearings, gears metal or plastic, grease seals and special grease. Applications for versatile lubrication, high-speed or high load, high temperature or ultra-low

Greases are ideal for long-term lubrication, where you want the lubricant to remain at the lubricating point even against external influences such as humidity and foreign matter. This is because grease consist of a base oil that is bound by a thickener (soap). Grease ensures continued effective protection against friction and wear and seals the lubricating point against external influences. Greases are often used at roller and friction bearings, spindles, fittings, seals, guides but also at chains and gears.

Oils have the ability to dissipate heat well from the lubricating point. In addition they have good wetting ability and the ability to spread easily across the component and form a protective lubricating film. Oil lubrication is therefore often used at high temperatures or high speeds. Typical fields of application are gears, chains, friction bearings, hydraulic systems and compressors.

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