MANN FILTER offers retail and wholesale distribution of various MANN  Filter. We also supply professional installment and shipment with competitive price nationwide.


MANN HUMMEL is a globally well-known multinational group with its factory and headquarter located in Germany when it comes to the manufacture and supply industrial details such as Intake System, Air Inlet Neck, Lubricant Filter and Spare Parts. It also specializes in offering high-quality filters applied to Diesel Engine, Marine Engine, especially Filters for Air Compressor and European equipments.

PDF COMPANY has imported and distributed MANN FILTER in Vietnam market for over past 10 years. PDF Company offers a wide range of applications in industrial sector::Petroleum, Cement, Food Processing, Beverage, Seafood Processing, Leather, Textile, Wood Processing, Contstruction, Transportation…

Vật liệu làm lọc được làm từ vật liệu phi kim loại tiên tiến nhất, chống mài mòn và thân thiện với môi trường.

Filter products are made from the most advanced non-metallic, anti-wear and environmentally friendly materials

Cabin filter for Auto guarantees to fresh air inside and be safe for driver.

Flow :       Up to 80m3/min

Refined level:       Up to 3mm, efficiency of 99.9%.

Application :      Lọc khí một cấp và hai cấp sử dụng cho động cơ, bơm chân không máy công trình và các ứng dụng công nghiệp khác.

One stage Air filter and Two- stage Air filter can be applied to engine, construction machines vacuum pumps and other industrial applications.

It can be applied to variety of air compressors such as ATLAS COPCO; FUSHENG; COMP AIR; INGERSOLL RAND; BECKER; KAESER… in Vietnam.

It is made from the most advanced materials and membrane structure including CENLLULOSE and SYNTHETIC MEDIA which has ability to filter dust and other dirt.

  • Non- return valve:ensures not to lack of oil in duct when engine stops working. bảo đảm cho ống dẫn không thiếu dầu khi động cơ ở chế độ ngừng hoạt động,.
  • Bypass valve:  ensures constantly supply source of lubricant to avoid freezing when environmental temperature is low resulting, congestion caused by oil spill or filter explosing.

Flow:           Up to 145 galon/min

Pressure:     Up to 510 PSI designed with safety valve and  shutoff valve in the oil line

Application :  lubricant filter, hydraulic filter and fuel filter in engine, machines and hydraulic

Designed with the highest quality, MANN FILTER can purify dirt damaging to the system twice as much as others filter

MANN FILTER divided into  3types:

  • Filter elemnet
  • Spin-on filter
  • Inline filter

Purification Degree varies between 2 microns and 6 microns basing on each category.

Widely applied to : Deutz; Atlas Copco; Perkin; Ingersoll Rand; MTU, Catepillar… Auto engine: Hino; Isuzu; Ivico; Toyota; Ford…

MANN FILTER  is ranked the first in the market of air compressor filter market with three layers of filtration tripling filtration efficiency:

The Coarse filtration layer is made of glass fiber named Borosilicate to extract dirt from oil drop with large size in case high environmental temperature

The medium filtration layer is made of Polyexte cotton extracting smaller oil drop.

The fine filtration layer contributes to protect the aboved layers against overloaded flow

Filter Materials are made upon the innovative technology attributing to filtration efficiency and membrane sustainability in the high and constantly fluctuated pressure condition.



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