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SL Series
In-Line Filter Housing
Materials 316L Stainless Steel
Pressure 100 or 350 Bar
Ports 1/4” or 1/2”
Element 12.32.□ to 25.178.□
The SL series flter housings are specifed for in-line
particulate applications. They are specifed for lightly
contaminated gases or liquids where service intervals
are long or for last-chance or back-up flters.
Standard housings have NPT ports and a Viton seal. Other
seal types are available as an option. BSPT and BSPP port
types are also available.
The housings are free from welds and comply with NACE
MR-01-75 and are CE marked in accordance with PED
97/23/EC where required.
These housings can also be supplied in a wide range of
exotic materials, such as Hastelloy, Monel, Titanium etc.
Technical Specifcations
Housing Model
Port Size
Bar (1)
Maximum Temperature, oC (2)
Materials of Construction (3)
Head, Bowl & Internals
Seal (4)
Filter Element Code (5)
Principal Dimensions in mm
Volume, cc
Weight, kg
(1) Above 200oC the pressure rating is reduced, consult us for the exact rating at any specifc temperature
(2) Maximum temperature 200oC using standard seal. For temperature up to 324oC use a Chemraz seal
(3) Material abbreviations, 316L SS = 316L Stainless Steel
(4) Add sufx for other seal types, PTFE = .T, Chemraz = .C, Nitrile = N, Kalrez = .K, EPDM = .E, Silicone = .S, (e.g. SL215.421.T)
(5) Replace the □ with the grade required, e.g. 12.32.5K, 12.32.S20V

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